About DeMoon V1

DeMOON Token is a social experiment on BSC. Blockchain gives us an opportunity to create this deflationary currency, and the deflation mechanism is fully based on smart contract. The basic rules are as below:

  • There were originally 1,000 DeMoon in existence.
  • Each on-chain DeMoon transaction completed, 4% of the transaction amount is burned.
  • There will never be newly minted DeMoon.
  • The longer and the more DeMoon tokens you hold, the higher their value will go.

The liquidity has been locked for a period of 1 month on Unicrypt.

DeMoon is a deflationary cryptocurrency. It means that the total supply will go down by 4% of the amount of each transaction on the blockchain. On Day 1st, 23% of the total supply has been burned within 24 hours.

DeMoon V2

DeMoon V2 is still deflationary, but now rewarding the holders. This time, the overall tax is 10%, from which 3% are burned, 4% redistributed to holders and 3% locked.

The liquidity, like for DeMoon v1, is locked for 1 month.